ICU bed. (Five functions, with weight scale) (YRT-H26)

ICU bed. (Five functions, with weight scale) (YRT-H26)

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YRT-H26 (ICU bed, Five functions with weight scale)


1.Size: 2140*1050*450/770mm

2.ABS headboard 

3.ABS side rail with operation panel

4. Manual CPR and Electrical CPR.

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    1.Operating panels are installed on the guardrails on both sides of the bed, which enables nursing staff to easily check the patient’s condition and intravenous drip, and can observe more intuitively when operating the functions of the bed. At the same time, the operation panel has locking function keys to prevent injuries caused by accidental pressing of the keys.


    2.When the bed is not at the lowest height, the orange LED light on the guardrail operation panel will light up. When it reaches the lowest height, the light goes out. It is convenient for nursing staff to confirm whether it has dropped to the lowest level at a glance when they patrol the house at night.


    3.There are electric CPR and key functions on the operation panel. Both sides of the bed are equipped with manual CPR function, which can quickly restore the bed board to the horizontal state in case of emergency and power failure.


    4.The ABS side rail moves with the bed body , no matter the patient is lying on the bed or half lying rest, the guardrail can effectively protect the patient.


    5.An emergency stop switch is arranged at the side of the bed, and when special circumstances occur, the emergency power can be cut off to stop all operations of the motor.

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