Hydraulic hospital stretcher (YRT-T02-2)

Hydraulic hospital stretcher (YRT-T02-2)

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YRT-T02-2 (Hydraulic hospital stretcher)


1. Size: 1880*620*560/890mm

2.ABS side rail.

3.Back rest air spring.

4.Hydraulic system.

5.IV pole.

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    1. Using hydraulic cylinder and high-low hand crank and self-pull rod.

    2. Operate the control handle at the back to control the silent gas spring to realize the lifting of the back plate.

    3. Cardiac chair position.


    4. The conversion of stretcher cart is easily realized between “straight” and “free” by operating the lever.


    5. 200mm diameter resin casters with lock pedal on four corners, easy for nurse to operate.


    6. Side rails can be fixed at a horizontal position for drip and puncture. Loading capacity 10 KGS.

    7. Concave design can prevent catheter slide.

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