YRT-T02-3 (Manual hospital stretcher)

YRT-T02-3 (Manual hospital stretcher)

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YRT-T02-3 (Manual hospital stretcher)


1. 1930*645*510/850mm

2.ABS side rail.

3.Back rest air spring.

4.Crank system.

5.IV pole.

6.Oxygen cylinder holder

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    1. Diameter: 150mm, Resin double-sided castor, central locking pedal on four corners of cart.


    2. The conversion of stretcher cart is easily realized between “Straight” and “free” by operating the lever, easier to control the direction with “straight”.


    3. Base cover has two sections of different size and depth, Multiple leaking holes, easy to use and clean, loading capacity 10 kgs.


    4. The new safety guardrail design is adopted. When the guardrail is under stress, it can’t be opened. It can be pressed from the ourside to the inside to open the guardrail. Thereby effectively preventing the patient from misoperation from the inside, resulting in bed falling accidents, make it safer.


    5. There is a horizontal storage rack for oxygen cylinders under the back panel, which can hold up to 7L oxygen cylinders.

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